Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When there's nothing left.

So it is true.

I've been hearing this since my childhood days, but I guess I am slowly realizing its real meaning in my wee hours of life. And the least people thought they could do is put all the alphabets in Capitals.

It takes a while to realize, though. The destiny, that is. Maybe because it doesn't hit as something very acceptable or expected. It's more like passing away of someone very close. There is one side within that tries to come to terms with it, while the other tries to run away. Knowing it can't run far. Sooner or later the hard fact would catch up. But it still makes a futile attempt to escape from everything. Everything that crashed part by part. Everything that fell apart. Sometimes its easier to express in short phrases than prolonged statements. To this day, 'r' brings up rainbeau peep. Instantly. Why? It could have brought any God-forsaken website, but no. It didn't. Is it just a sheer coincidence? I probably don't know what I'm writing, but I'm too proud to admit it. 'Coz this is all I've got now. And I just can't let it go.

One question that keeps lingering is why did it have to turn out like this. It cant be the same with everyone else behind the oh-so-happy faces, right. I mean, there has to be something wrong somewhere.

Or maybe its all wrong up here, and that is why the heart tries to seek solace in all other wrongs in the world, and thereby relate itself to it. O hell, look, I have been able to successfully tie myself up in the darkest corner, with eyes that look shit scared, and the drop of tear that keeps lurking perennially.

Am I ever going to write a happy piece again? Or ever stop pretending that I'm as happy as the world around me?

Is this time ever going to change? And will it be with my death?